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Need help: Framelimiter causes low FPS output


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Using the newest Beta build I got really big problems. Maybe these problems have nothing to do with the newest build.


I am using a RTX2080ti @4k G-Sync Monitor.

When playing DCS with high settings, my system gives me about 70-90fps.


Because of using TrackIR and its refresh rate @60, I always playing DCS @60hz and setting up V-Sync ingame. This brings a nice and smooth feeling into moving the head around.


I managed this by limiting the fps in DCS-settings. I tried both ways:


1. adding an autoexec file

2. setting maxfps in graphics.lua


Both ways worked for me months ago and framrate was @60fps ingame.


But now when using any of these methods to limit my framerate, the game only gives me about 30-35 fps and my GPU and CPU is at a max. of 50% load. There is plenty of room for my system, but game does not use the power.


When disabling the fps limitation, frames go up to 70-90fps. It seems to me, that fps limiter does not work anymore for me.


I hope you could help to get it working again. I have to limit my fps @60 because of tearing when using TrakIR.



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if you are using an nVidia gfx card you can also set the frame rate there per game.

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I have also a Trackir and I do use the Nvidia Control Panel to limit the FPS to 60 in game.





set the frame limiter in the Nvidia Settings:




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I would suggest to not edit the graphics.lua to change the Maxfps; I did the same exact thing and caused the same issue. Some reason, it makes DCS run @30fps if set at 60.


I reinstalled DCS and changed the fps in Nvidia control panel.


Still...I just like you are having performance issues with a high end rig!.

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If you have a G-sync monitor, turn off V-sync in-game. Limit the fps to 60 via the Nvidia panel, turn V-sync and G-sync on via the Nvidia panel and you should be good to go.


I run a 2080 Ti on a 4K/60Hz G-sync monitor and the above works for me.

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