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[INVESTIGATING] A-10C II is not available in the mission editor

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(possible Solution inserted by Natalon)


I've got a very crazy situation:




If I try to create my own mission, the A-10C II is not available:





If I open an already existing mission in the mission editor (as an example: Quickstartmission Caucasus Dark and Cold), the A-10C II is selectable as an aircraft, like all other:




also the A-10C II is available for Quickstart-Missions:

Quickstart_01.jpgI can start the missions without problems and as an example the HMCS works very well.


I can't tell if there is an option for the A-10C II among the official missions. Here I have no entries:



the A-10C II seems to be installed correctly








Orderdetails A-10C:




Orderdetails A-10C II:






the Button to the right has to be unchecked (in some cases it is checked):



you'll finde this in the bottom left/center of the missioneditor:


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I think you are getting the same thing I was getting. It is because of the historical list of units/era thing being enabled. No matter what year you set it to if that option is checked at the bottom of the editor, the little clock looking icon, the A10II will not show up in the list. Pretty sure this is a bug.


Also, there is nothing for it for missions but it should have stuff under instant action and create fast mission. Just to help clear that up for you.

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Ensure you don't have the "Historical" Icon selected at the bottom of the ME. The A-10C II will not be available at all while that icon is selected.


ED just needs to go in and set the time period the AC was available for.




sniped by Arbil - I guess I took too long digging through the options to figure out what it was, nice find Arbil.

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Please ensure you are on the open beta and please ensure you are not using the historical feature in the mission editor, the small watch at the bottom of the editor




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Click at Aircraft icon on the left hand side, select A-10C II from drop-down on the right hand side, click at map to place it?


There's no A-10C II in the drop-down under USA aircraft.

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A-10C II not available AC in ME


i must be doing something wrong i guess. i have a mission i created and use to practice any AC. like for a while the F-18 was the AC. then A-10C. i opened it today to modify it to be the A-10C II and is not available as a selection. i tried to create a new mission and it is not available there either. do i need to do something on my end? thanks



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Make sure to uncheck "Historic selection" or something of that kind in the Mission Editor.


sorry i looked in Bugs first and must have missed it. kudos to the guy posting all the screenshots of proof he owned the AC. :) the "historical" icon was solution.



Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.

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