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Yak-52 rudder problem

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Make sure you don't have multiple controls bound to that axis, DCS autoassigns all your controllers no matter how stupid it is.


Also, are you losing control or is it a ''helpful rudder''? If it's not causing you veer off the road, it's probably takeoff assist/autorudder. You can disable that in the Yak's special options.

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don't know if this is a bug of not but whenever i fly the yak it has a problem where the rudder is pulling the plane right. on the ground it is fine until i takeoff the rudder slowly starts moving right no matter what i do in the settings.:(


Generally, as you add power it must shift a little to the left, because the triimmer tab is set to cruise.

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its not the auto rudder or takeoff assist settings i have both of those turned off. i dont think the speical settings menu is working for me. because i tryed messing with the trim in that menu just to test if it was working and it didnt do anything. and in the control settings the only thing bound to my rudder is my joystick twist grip could that be the problem?

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Here’s the fix for your problem. Repeat after every update. Currently, the options for trim tabs don’t work from settings menu.

For those of you who have a problem with the rudder in the yak being far too much to the left and having no need for left rudder on takeoff. This is due to the trim tabs that ED has implemented. They are not editable from the menu however you can edit them in your game files.


You need to navigate inside your game install DCS World/Mods/aircraft/Yak-51/FM/FMOptions.lua


Inside this file you will find several lines.


aileronTrimTab = 0.0

elevatorTrimTab = 0.0

rudderTrimTab = -0.666


This -0.666 is the root of your problems. For a perfectly trimmed aircraft in the roll and yaw at 250 kmph (80% RPM and 600mm) I have found these settings for aileron and rudder.


Edit: Turns out my joystick was uncalibrated so aileronTrimTab should equal 0.0, not -0.13.


aileronTrimTab = 0.0

rudderTrimTab = -0.25


(for some reason the aileron trim tab is inverted negative value means right whereas positive means left)


This file appears to be loaded between flying sessions so you can use the instant action mission freeflight to tune your aircraft to your desired trim.


Lastly this file will be overwritten each update so it's best to use something like JSGME to make it a mod.


Hope this helps.

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