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[INVESTIGATING]TGP poor image, contrast control

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TGP image in F-16 is much worse than in other aircraft. It has low dynamic range (whites are gray, not white) and the contrast adjustment does not really adjust contrast.


Same mission, same distance, same targeting pod in the Hog, Hornet and Viper. In the Viper even the target cross and north arrow are dark gray while they are white in the other aircraft.



You can try to manually play with gain control, but it will only make parts of the image even darker. Though it will help somewhat with making the tanks stand out against the background.


Another possible issue is that the contrast rocker (bottom right) does not adjust contrast, but something else. Instead of making "brights brighter and blacks blacker" evenly across the range, the contrast increase makes everything black except the whitest spots, which now become white. And the opposite when clicking the other way.




While changing contrast on a grayscale image should work like this (if it is really a contrast adjustment):



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Hardware: Virpil T-50CM, Hotas Warthog, Hotas Cougar, Slaw Rudder, Wheel Stand Pro, GVL224 Trio Throttle, Thrustmaster MFDs, Saitek Trim wheel, Trackir 5, Reverb

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