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I'm new to the Harrier, my problem is the annoying irregular igniter crackling sound always kicks in at around 9.2 RPM. It disappears once the engine has spooled up and everything is fine afterwards. I've tried APU/Gen starts but the problem remains. Has anyone experienced this? I thought the AV-8B was a straightforward cold start, so it has to be me right?


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This is completely WAD. Once the engine has been spooled up through the APU and the igniters are sparking, you still must advance the throttle from STOP to IDLE for the engine to start.

When you hit the wrong button on take-off



System Specs.

[TABLE]System board ... MSI X99A GAMING 9 ACK

CPU ............ Intel Core i7-5820K @ 3800MHz per OC Genie

CPU cooling .... Noctua NH-D15

Memory ......... 16GB DDR4-3000 G.Skill Ripjaw

PSU ............ Corsair AX860i PSU

Graphics card .. Zotac Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Amp! Extreme

System disk .... SanDisk Extreme PRO 480GB SSD

Monitor ........ ASUS MG279Q, 27"

VR ............. Oculus Rift CV1[/TABLE]

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You are supposed to hear the igniters at that point, since the engine needs that initial spark to ignite the combusting section of the engine to become self-sustaining. How loud they should be compared to the engine at that point, I don't know but they should be running.

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