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[AU] Air Combat Wing - Recruiting

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WolfHound Tactical's Air Combat Wing (ACW) is looking for pilots.




ACW operates in the AEST/AEDT (GMT +10) with our events occurring on Saturdays @ 2pm and Sundays @ 8:30pm



ACW holds regular, monthly Ops throughout the year, and, we place as much emphasis on planning and training as we do on the final Ops event. Planning and training are therefore important phases within the cycle of our Op events. Our Missions typically follow a campaign-style narrative, are not limited to specific modules, and, are designed to provide members equal contribution towards the development of an overarching plan, and how that plan is to be executed on the day of the operation. If you are interested in joining ACW, then be prepared to join a group who plan, train, and fly together to fulfill the mission objective.



To allow pilots the most freedom with how to approach operations, there is no air-frame requirements for ACW. However, we do desire pilots who are:

  1. Mature,
  2. Cooperative players,
  3. Active




Additionally WolfHound Tactical runs two public servers for DCS:

  1. Sector Control | WolfHound Tactical Public Server
  2. OPEN WARFARE | WolfHound Tactical Public Server




If you are interested, please either PM me or join the WolfHound Tactical Discord.

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Can't help but ask who wouldn't want to join an outfit promoted by a nice guy by the name of "Shifty?" ;)

System specs: WIN 10 64, i7 4790K, ASRock Z97 Extreme6, GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, 16GB G.SKILL Ripjaws. SB Live Audio, Warthog HOTAS, Saitek Combat Pro peds, TIR 5.1 pro clippy thingy, Saitek Eclipse keyboard, Sennheiser headphones & mic

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Can't help but ask who wouldn't want to join an outfit promoted by a nice guy by the name of "Shifty?" ;)


haha... hmm yea, in hindsight choosing a name like "HonestGuy" might been a better choice.

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