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Rockets CCRP - Short of Target

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After some testing with friends online we have found that using Hydra rockets in CCRP results in the rockets pretty consistently falling short of the target when using single or small quantity ripple releases. This is while using the M151 HE rockets.


For the purpose of this test, I used a longer ripple (pairs/42) and so the second half of the volley manages to be close to the target and over it - to demonstrate the spread. If you were to take a shorter ripple (single/7) all rockets would be well short of the target.


Another thing I am not sure on is that despite being CCRP, release is commanded as soon as the weapon release button is depressed rather than waiting for the cue to reach zero and automatically releasing as it would for a bomb. You can see this as my ripple is commanded by my weapon release button while the cue is still at 1 second before solution.


Attached are the mission and track file for easy reproduction.



My Rig:



CPU: i9-9900k - Corsair H150 Cooler. RAM: 32GB, 3200Mhz.

Mobo: Asus MAXIMUS Formula XI - Main Drive: 512GB NvME SSD

DCS Drive: 512GB NvME SSD - Graphics: GTX 1070 Ti. Display: 23" 1080p LG LCD.

Input: Razer Naga & Blackwidow Ultimate, TrackIR 5, HOTAS Warthog & MFDs (x4), Saitek Rudder Pedals, TurtleBeach PX22 Headset.



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