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RB-15 waypoints not updated by radar ?

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playing mostly multiplayer and some players currently have issues with the RB-15.

It seems like at least the waypoints Bx7 and Bx8 are not updated when you (re)assign them via radar. I entered TAKT mode 800001 of the RB-15s during all attacks.




This is my conclusion drawn from what I observed.

Attacking a moving convoy after a "long" flight (=convoy moved some kilometers):


1) Watched a player attacking the convoy by just setting target point Bx8 via radar. The RB-15s flew right through the convoy without locking onto any ship. He didn't set up any point Bx6 to Bx8 on F10 map.




2) Attacking this convoy myself on two occasions, the missiles seemed to "evade" the convoy by flying around it (behind the convoy). I've preset the waypoints Bx7, Bx8 (and the 2nd time also Bx6) in the F10 map before loading the cartridge. I've update Bx8 and Bx7 via radar since the convoy moved. Afterwards now it looks to me like the missiles have flown the pattern I've entered in the map, i.e. the update via radar wasn't working.

Does it make a difference if I did the update in NAV or ANF master mode ? Don't remember this anymore. Anyways, missiles were fired in ANF mode.



3) On a different server, spawned a ship which was static (=not moving). I have set waypoints Bx6 to Bx8 via F10 map. I didn't update the waypoints Bx6 to Bx8 via radar. Missiles flew and hit the target as expected.




Anyone else observed this ?

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I just dirt a very quick test in SP latest OB version.


- one enemy ship

- one Viggen loaded with 2 RB15

- NO(zero) waypoints/BX points set for the Viggen in ME or F10 map

- setup BX8/9 via Viggen Radar (used your 800001 TAKT code)

- launched both missiles and sunk the ship


Can you replicate the problem in SP? Maybe a MP thing?

Modules: KA-50, A-10C, FC3, UH-1H, MI-8MTV2, CA, MIG-21bis, FW-190D9, Bf-109K4, F-86F, MIG-15bis, M-2000C, SA342 Gazelle, AJS-37 Viggen, F/A-18C, F-14, C-101, FW-190A8, F-16C, F-5E, JF-17, SC


System: Win 10 64bit, Ryzen 3800X, 32gb RAM DDR4-3200, Gigabyte Aorus 1080ti XE ,1 x Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 2TB NVMe, 2 x Samsung SSD 2TB + 1TB SATA, MFG Crosswind Rudder Pedals - VIRPIL T-50CM and VIRPIL MongoosT-50 Throttle - Oculus Rift S, DCS Settings



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I hope this image gets the point across, but this is what I think is happening.


The ships are as you said moving. From the time you made the fix to when the missiles reaches the supposed target, the ships might have moved outside the missiles search area, and therefor miss.

If you launch the missiles at their max range 74km, it will take them 4 minutes to travel that distance. In that time the ships have moved quite a bit. In the image, 1,9km, and that is if you make the fix directly before launching them.


I'm also not 100% sure about the RB15 search parameters (I only really use two of the presets), but I'm pretty sure this problem can be omitted if you use the correct settings on the missiles. At least partly.


Feel free to correct if I calculated it incorrectly..


  • 5kts - 600m
  • 10kts - 1,2km
  • 15kts - 1,9km
  • 20kts - 2,5km




Viggen is love. Viggen is life.




i7-10700K @ 5GHz | RTX 2070 OC | 32GB 3200MHz RAM |

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Can you replicate the problem in SP? Maybe a MP thing?



Tried in SP now (my first mission created):

Ship was stationary, RB-15 setting TAKT 800001.

Preset Bx6 to Bx8 on F10 map and used this cartridge.

Intentionally set Bx8 approx. 10 km off to the left of the target.



During approach I've set Bx8 on target (in fact a bit to the right due to TDC accuracy).



Result: the RB-15 destroyed the ship, the flight path after turning at Bx7 pointed indeed like 3 km right of the target before the the missile locked onto the ship.




It's pretty possible that this is a MP server issue and maybe specifically of the server I've observed the wrong behaviour. On this server, the Mjölnir is like 500m..1km off it's assigned target point, too.

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@MYSE1234 The missile hit also when Bx8 is like 3km off the target. But your point made me reconsidering setting Bx7. I've usually set it like 10..12km away from the target but 20+ km would be better to get more targets and/or fast moving targets into the cone.

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