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[FIXED] Laser guided bombs losing track

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I noticed today, that LGBs will fly a curve and then miss shortly after aquiring the laser.

Tested a bit and it seems to occur when the targeting pod is rotating its head when I overfly the target area. In order for the bomb to keep the track, I need to fly in a way so that i have the target on my side.



Track and Tacview attached.

LGB test.trk



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I think it's the +-180 degrees limit of roll channel,

when you overfly the target, pod seeker need roll back fully to re-point to target.

if laser on when seeker is rolling, LGBs may fly around to chase the laser.



We are digging into it.

thanks for report.

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Not Sure how useful this be, but what i noticed is that this issue is only happening to GBU series of bombs. If I'm using modded loadout (laser guided bombs) like kab 500 and 1500 then there is no issue, they are tracking fine.


Edit: happening with all laser guided weapons after last update. Ignore the above statement.



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+1 Also noticed this today!

I dont have a trackfile but I have screenshots from Tacview, and they show something weird...


I had Laser on Auto and the GBU12 setup correctly. I did an overfly and they missed the target as already stated in this thread. I followed one of the bombs in Weapon view and I it exploded way off the target - But as you can see on the screenshots they still hit the target (white box around target appearing on impact).


I dont know if this is just splash damage or if there is something wrong.



i7-7700K - 32GB RAM - MSI RTX 2080 Super

P3D - DCS - MSFS2020

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