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bring dem freeware AC to DCS

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IDK where Heatblur stands on the F14D. I don't regularly follow ED forum activity, but I'm sure it's been discussed ad nauseum.


If HB isn't gonna make a F-14D, it'd be super dope if IndiaFoxtEcho updated and ported their freeware FSX/P3D F14D and brought it to DCS as a payware module with full fidelity systems and a professional/external level flight model.


Or maybe HB and IndiaFoxtEcho could collab on the F14D. Probably an extremely long shot on that last one, an even longer and significantly lower chance of possibility/feasibility than Dino's F-14D being updated and ported for DCS.


Also, IMO Dino should bring his T45 to DCS instead of the MB339.


You know what, IFTE should just bring all their aircraft formerly developed for FSX/P3D, update their textures, flight model, systems/switchology whatever else is involved with making full fidelity modules with professional/external level flight models and sell them as payware modules for DCS. I'm talking: F14D, F35A/B/C, T45C, S3 Viking, A4E/TA4J, C2/E2, etc. Bring em all yo.


Having a client version of S-3B and E2/C2 would open up the game to those that enjoy flying support aircraft in AEW, transport, and tanking roles in addition to sub-hunting and anti-ship if DCS supports those latter mentioned client roles with MAD and sonar modeling.



I have the Heatblur F-14 module. Even though I do have the HB F14 and absolutely love it, given that it is full fidelity and well done, I would have no reservations about paying $80-100 (USD) for an F-14D module.


As long as it had a realistic accurately detailed flight model I'd even pay $30-40 for a FC3/MAC level F-14D.

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+1 for a F-14D version :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:



If they are the same guys that made the outstanding F-14D for FSX and P3D, I would also love to see a version for DCS. I would also be willing to pay a lot for a good F-14D module. The F-14 is my all time favorite fighter jet and the F-14D is the most wanted version :D

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Here's the thing with an F-14D in DCS, the entire systems are classified. The radar? Part of it was built from the F-15E's AN/APG-70. The MFD systems and all that? It's sitting in the same classified manual as the PTID, sparrowhawk, etc.

You don't have to take my word for it, HB has stated many times why they can't do a F-14D right now. And here's another thing, Heatblur has the permission from Grumman to use their logo and whatnot in the jet, and be able to sell it.


TLDR: F-14D, and even the F-14B Upgrade systems are still classified, and sitting in a manual, which is also likely sitting in an underground bunker vault.


You can't just get a freeware jet from FSX to DCS, and expect to sell it.

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TLDR: F-14D, and even the F-14B Upgrade systems are still classified, and sitting in a manual, which is also likely sitting in an underground bunker vault.



If we are lucky. It requires approvals and costs money to maintain classified documents. It's equally likely that every scrap of technical data of the D was destroyed once the last plane was retired and gutted.

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