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[RESOLVED]TPOD stops slewing to designated target WPT

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1. Select Waypoint, press DESG on EHSD, the TPOD will slew to the target waypoint

2. Press HOTAS Undesignate - now you need to press DESG TWICE (?) to slew it again to the target waypoint. But it works, eventually.

3. Move TGP cursor in TDC

4. Undesignate again


Now the TPOD won't slew any more to the designated waypoint, no matter how many times you press DESG. Neither in TDC nor TDC


Hardware: Virpil T-50CM, Hotas Warthog, Hotas Cougar, Slaw Rudder, Wheel Stand Pro, GVL224 Trio Throttle, Thrustmaster MFDs, Saitek Trim wheel, Trackir 5, Reverb

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