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Flashpoint 2010 Demo

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Mediafire Link: Link removed. Full release pending.

Flashpoint 2010 README Excerpt:



This is the first mission of an intended pack of story-driven single player missions for the F-14B Tomcat and F/A-18C Hornet. The missions will be set in the Persian Gulf in February of 2010, in a history slightly altered from our own. A chronology of this history and the composition of Carrier Strike Group TWO, Carrier Air Wing SIXTEEN, and Expeditionary Strike Group FOUR are included in the documents folder of the download file.


This first sample mission is for the F-14B. It’s a night CAP assignment with a cold ramp start aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt. A detailed briefing is included, along with custom kneeboard cards containing flight plan, communications, and brevity code information for the mission. The mission contains many voiced characters, but most of them are going to have that somewhat ‘robotic’ sound to them. ;) All voice messages are accompanied by text messages for clarity.


As the player, you take on the role of ‘CAG’, or the Air Wing Commander. The purpose of this is to lend credibility to your flying multiple aircraft types throughout the various missions- something real-life CVW commanders do.


This mission and those to follow attempt to strike a balance between scripted story elements and player choice / flexibility. The player will maintain tactical control over their own wingmen and be able to use in-game assets like AWACS normally, make their own decisions to tank or not, etc. The scripted elements are added for flavor and to advance the storyline. An unfortunate side effect of this blending is that occasionally the two want to talk over one another, particularly Jester with his ‘nails’ calls. As such, the player may want to order Jester to be silent to reduce the occasional voice conflicts. This issue will not be nearly as significant in the future missions using the F/A-18C.


This mission is designed to reflect actual USN procedures and practices with a reasonable degree of accuracy. It’s presented as a demo for the upcoming pack, which will be released as a free user files download.


Although proper frequency management is required for the regular game elements, the scripted voice portions are set to play regardless of where the radios are set. This is another attempt to balance realism and playability. ‘Easy comms’ is not ‘locked out’ of the mission, so those who like to use that function still can. Some critical communications are tied to mission waypoints, so be sure to hit those as briefed.


The link at the top of the post is to the Mediafire download. I will not be placing this demo in the DCS User Files section, but the final mission pack will be available both as a Mediafire download and in the DCS website User Files section.


Module Requirements for the Demo:


DCS Open Beta

Supercarrier module

F-14 Tomcat module by Heatblur

Persian Gulf Map


Recommended Mods:


Tactical Call Sign Mod Version 1.1



This mod will make callsigns match the mission designs and briefs. The missions will still function without them, but portions of the briefs and the kneeboard cards will no longer make sense. Although listed as recommended, it is very nearly a requirement.

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Flashpoint 2010 Chronology


MAR 2004: Following the death of the Russian President in an equestrian mishap, Russian leadership falls to Yuri Sokolov, who leads a hardline faction considered even more ruthless than the previous leadership.


SEP 2004: Given its versatility as a long-range striker over Afghanistan, DOD puts the planned retirement of the F-14 Tomcat on indefinite hold. Procurement of the F-14 Tomcat 21 and ASF-14 variants tentatively moves forward. The F/A-18E/F Super Hornet program is put on hiatus. Plans to retire the S-3B tanker fleet are also suspended.


JAN 2008: The worst January in almost a decade for the stock market due to the exposure of bond insurance companies.


OCT 2008: The Dow loses 18% of its value, and the S&P falls more than 20%. The head if the IMF warns that the world is on the brink of an economic meltdown.


NOV 2008: Russian President Sokolov enters secret talks with the leadership in Tehran over how to combat falling oil prices and best capitalize on the west’s economic misfortunes.


MAR 2009: The DOW hits its lowest level, down 54% from its prior peak in OCT of 2007.


JUN 2009: Iran and Russia complete a secret agreement that involves the transfer of a regiment of advanced fighters, a trio of A-50 AWACS aircraft, and advanced weapons. In addition, many personnel accompany the hardware, under the guise of ‘military advisors’, like similar Russian ventures during the Vietnam War.


NOV 2009: Iran begins threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz, which immediately sends oil prices soaring back above $50 per barrel, benefiting both Iranian and Russian energy industries. As Sokolov’s government sees it, a strong enough spike in oil prices will offset the price of the hardware sold to Iran for pennies on the dollar.


DEC 2009: The United States NCA directs an immediate redeployment of U.S. Marines from Iraq to an afloat Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG), to provide a rapid reaction force in the Arabian Gulf itself. Marine forces begin preparations to withdraw from Iraq through Kuwait.


JAN 2010: Iran and Russia cement their new regional partnership and internally announce the establishment of the ‘Russian Volunteer Group,’ or ‘RVG’, an organization said to be like the ‘Flying Tigers’ of WWII fame. In essence, adventure-minded Russian volunteers are ‘resigning’ from Russia’s armed forces to form a mercenary air force to aid the Iranians in enforcing their will in the Gulf.


Oil Prices, May 2008: $153 per Barrel

Oil Prices, Jan 2009: $51 per Barrel

Oil Prices, Jan 2010: $116 per Barrel and rising.


FEB 2010: USS Tarawa ESG transits the Strait of Hormuz to embark Marine units in Kuwait and take up station in the Arabian Gulf. USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71), the centerpiece of Carrier Strike Group TWO, along with Carrier Air Wing SIXTEEN are five months into a planned six to seven-month deployment in the Fifth Fleet AOR.

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For anyone deciding to take this mission for a spin, I'd appreciate your feedback in this thread. Specifically, I have one major question for anyone who plays it:


1. Would it be better to do just text messages with an auditory cue (to make sure you aren't looking away and miss it), or is it better with the full voice messaging, robotic though most of it it sounds? Sometimes I think you get more of the inflection and 'flavor' of what's being said by just reading it. Especially considering that the voice mods essentially give Jester two different voices: the game's, and the mod's. Thoughts and opinions? Thanks.

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Couple of things that are decided and/or going to change in the final mission pack, as discovered from additional mission building / testing:


1. Player will NOT play the role of CAG. Rather, two different pilots will 'star' in the missions. One for the Tomcat, one for the Hornet. That means a lot of the comms and banter in the demo mission will be somewhat different in the final form.


2. Definitely voice over just text. There are certain times where too much is going for the player to have to focus on reading- the auditory cues are essential.


Still interested in feedback on the demo mission.

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