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Crash to Desktop Bug Report ~ A10c ~ CMS

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Crash to Desktop Bug Report for the A10c Warthog CMS system.


I was playing around with manual CMS loadouts. Pushing the selections to their max and mins to see what would happen.


CMS system set to Manual.

Flare Flare # set to 999 (000 to 999. not 999 individual clicks. *see below)

Interval # set to 0.25

Number of Cycles set to 1


Triggering this program Freezes the game. Permanently. If you leave the window, you cannot reopen.


*** EDIT ***


More Weird behavior. CMS programs deleted. Interval at 000. (not previously possible to make 0 interval timing)


Once i take flares past 160+ units. CMS system automatically changed Cycle of 001 to 010. Then rewound flare from 160 to 000.


This time Flare can go up to 240 (240 flares onboard). When i change Cycle back to 1. All Flare Programmed data is deleted.

Programs A through Z:

000 chaff 000 flare 000 interval 000 cycle.


When triggered. all 240 flares fire immediately (no interval. i tried setting both latest attempts at 0.25 and 1.00)


This has been tested half dozen times. Before and After todays update.


Im sorry, i didnt know where to directly report this. If one of the staff could report this itd be great.


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