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TGP issues


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Hi everyone

Sorry for the title, not saying much, but I knew I'd grab more attention then.


Since a few updates for the TGP, I noticed I have a bring issue, even more annoying now that the Maverick is out.

When my TGP is looking somewhere (forward in that case), I am supposed to have the proper symbology in the HUD, pointing exactly where the TGP is looking, don't I?

However, if I am pointing at a target properly on the TGP's screen, the HUD's dot is looking completly somewhere else. I mean, still in the axis of the TGP for sure, but NOT where the TGP is looking. That could some hundred meters around, usually higher... (ex : TGP looking straight forward, 30° down, the HUD's dot is on the same axis, but 20° down).

Numbers I gave here are random, just try to give you the feel....


Not easy to explain, hope someone caught the frogs English....

Cheers people, and thanks by advance.

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