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Rearm from friendly FARP objects in new update

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In the changelog it says "Enabled all aircraft types to rearm from friendly FARP objects". "FARP object" means the FARP itself so you will need to place one.


Also, I'm pretty sure the DCS FARPs will still need command post, supply vehicles, FARP tent etc to enable all FARP services, so you'll have to put in the full set to make it work.


There is a very good alternative though - Suntsag's AM2 Mat mod. You only need to place a single mat to enable full FARP services. They come in a few different sizes and the mod also contains several nice static objects you can add to your FARP to make it look good. Definitely recommend checking it out. Way better than default FARPs.


You can get it here:- https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=273049 (post number 8 )

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The AM2 Mat FARP has a good service radius so you can put it off to the side of a road and it will still service an aircraft that is on the road beside it.


PS. My example shows a Ka-50 because you still can't start fixed wing aircraft on ground. I thought that would go hand in hand with enabling all aircraft to rearm at FARPs.

I'm hoping that will follow shortly? ED? Please enable fixed wing to start from ground so we can put them on roads.


You can also make it invisible if you want and just mark the spot where it is with static objects or vehicles or whatever. Very good for making a realistic roadside FARP.


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Here are the two pages detailing what ground support equipment is needed for a default FARP to function.


Came from latest manual "DCS User Manual EN 2020.pdf" from the "Doc" folder inside DCS.



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