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A server for the F-86

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There are a bunch of F-86 slots available on Mugga Virtual Pilot, Aerobatics Online, and Stormy's. The Mugga regulars are dedicated F-86 simmers and love to teach.

"Subsonic is below Mach 1, supersonic is up to Mach 5. Above Mach 5 is hypersonic. And reentry from space, well, that's like Mach a lot."

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I like the F-86 but i cant find a server suitable for it.

is there a server suitable for jets like the f-86 and the mig-15?


My server, 475th Fighter Group "Satan's Angels" will shortly be featuring a 1950's era server mission in the Syria terrain.


The server is not exclusive to this era and the server missions will rotate but the server is focused on gunfighters with the occasional rear aspect IR missile capability.


The server is VR friendly, which means custom labels are available.


At the moment, the server is running a WWII era mission but I hope to put the 1950's era in the rotation in the near future.



475th Fighter Group Discord https://discord.gg/xkKsApD


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Cold War Server.

Supercarrier | Flaming Cliffs 3 | M-2000C | AJS-37 Viggen| MIG-21Bis | L-39 Albatros | Yak-52 | Spitfire LF MK IX | Mig-15Bis | Mig-19P Farmer | P-51D Mustang | F/A-18 | F-14 | F-5E Tiger II | C-101 Aviojet | I-16 | UH-1H Huey | Mil MI-8tv2 | Sa 342M Gazelle | Combined Arms | NS-430 Navigation System | NEVADA | Persian Gulf | Normandy1944 | World war II assets pack | Black Shark 2 | F-5E Agressors ACM campaign |F-5E Agressors BFM Campaign | L-39 Albatros Kursant Campaign | DCS:Syria

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Anyone looking for fellow F86 Sabre pilots, jump onto the Mugga Virtual Pilot servers. The crew are usually flying across Saturday and Sundays.


Community Founder

Lead Pilot | Virtual RAAF Marksmen Sabre Team


Discord: https://discord.gg/T78WV2

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/muggavirtualpilot

Facebook: www.facebook.com/muggavirtualpilot

Website: www.muggavirtualpilot.com




FLIGHT SYSTEM: i9-10900K/64GB/2TB/RTX2080Ti

CAMERA SYSTEM: i7-7700k/32GB/1TBSSD/1080TI

STREAM SYSTEM: i9-9900K/32GB/2TB/RTX2080Ti

VR HARDWARE: Oculus Rift S



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