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Hi everybody.


I'm starting using OB.


So far I was only flying on stable version and since Syria came out I tried OB.


Now what's my issue?!


Everytime I try to connect a server, DCS crashes. Back to desktop. That's it.


Stable works fine.


I tried twice a repair for OB but still crashes.


and I have a second issue.

Sometimes, IC are not OK and OB is full stock. I didn't add any mods.


Maybe these are linked?


Don't know



But creating my own server everything is OK.



Thanks for your help

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I am seeing lots of errors with mods.


Best advice is to remove all unofficial mods from


C:\Users\mitch\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods


run a full cleanup and a repair on your install, ensure there are no mods or edits




then test dcs, let us know if it helps


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Thank you for your help, it works fine now.



I didn't realize i had mods except officials one, I think i just copied and pasted my Saved Games directory from release to OB.


As I didn't install mods manually, i didn't expect to have any.




Sorry for that

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