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Game crash when zooming in too far

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I am hosting a multiplayer co-op campaign on Syria. We have found that it is fairly common to have a DCS CTD when you zoom in too far on the F10 map. I haven't done more testing with the different map types, but ALT is what we are all in when it happens. It's happened to more than a few of us, so its obviously not just my setup. I will attach a miz file if it helps.

Operation Wildcat II M8_V002.miz

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Hi Thomasvt. I assume your log is showing your latest crash? But I see no core dump. Is it a sraight-to-desktop crash?


EDIT: thank you, ScopeDope, I'm looking at your log file.


EDIT2:ScopeDope, no core dump either. The last message of your log is:

ERROR SOUND: render time = 0.654379s exceeded allowed slice of 0.022000s
I quote c0ff, from ED:


That's not a critical error. It just indicates that the sound engine can't get enough CPU. Which is strange given the CPU you have.

Do you have custom affinity settings for DCS by any chance?

Do yo?



Also, you guys should force your Windows pagefile minimum size to 16 GB (Thomasvt only has 5 GB, ScopeDope has 9 GB). I know you have a lot of RAM, but DCS needs a large pagefile anyway.

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Your latest log looks like the first one. I see you spawning, LotATC is connecting, Tacview is recording, and then after a few seconds/minutes, DCS logs two error message about issues rendering sounds, which means it's experiencing issues accessing CPU resources. And then nothing more (=freeze).


Disabling mods one by one can be a good idea to find the culprit.

It would also be interesing that you load a very simple mission. Here's one for you. Can you try reproducing the zoom issue with it?


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Please remove all unofficial modules and edits.


Run a cleanup and repair or verify if a steam user.


If you still get a crash attach the crash log, it is the only clue we have.


thank you


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