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[REPORTED]MP - Unlimited Mk82's invisible after reload @client's Hornet F2 view

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i had a multiplayer session with my son to do some FA-18C Mk82 dropping practise with unlimited weapons enabled.


He had 8x Mk82 loadout.


After dropping the first 8 bombs his Hornet reloaded another 8 bombs as expected.


But those bombs had beed invisible for me from the external view (F2). He saw them in his F2 view correctly. After the release I could see those of them that had beed dropped, too (in the air) - but not the other bombs mounted.




-had the chance to record it in a short 254 KB track file

-in this track we dropped Mk82k (without targets just to show the issue)

-the Mk82 on both server Hornet and client Hornet are invisible in F2 ext. view after reloading midair for the other plane ( i can't see his, he can't see mine, see track)

-the falling bombs are visible in that ext. view though

-you can even see how the other Hornet shakes while reloading the unlimited Mk82's but they stay invisible after the fisrt reload

-i (server) used non steam current stable DCS, he used Steam current stable DCS, don't know if that matters

FA18C Cauc unldt Mk82 invis - server-20200917-144917.trk

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Thank you BigNewy!



After the latest stable update (which is currently the same version as latest OB) I have some info to add about this issue.


The reloaded Mk82's are still invisible but now they are even invisible after beeing dropped.


Before the update we were able to see em midair.


See new track:


@1:10 my wingman (FA-18C #011) drops 8x Mk82, reloads invisible bombs (see aircraft shaking in F2 ext. view) and drops all 8 again (see shaking). But you can't see any reloades Mk82 anymore, not mounted nor droped ones.


thank you.

MP FA-18C unlimited Mk82 invisible after reload @wingman #011.trk

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