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Dynamic Spawn of FARP not showing for clients

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I have a basic script we're testing for Dynamic FARP spawns -in this case, single helipads. The method for spawn, uses the addGroup Command as written below:


(Thanks to Grimes for finding the specifics the spawn command)



local _Helipad_Data = {

["visible"] = false,

["hidden"] = false,

["units"] =


[1] =


["category"] = "Heliports",

["shape_name"] = "FARP",

["type"] = "SINGLE_HELIPAD",

["heliport_frequency"] = 140.0 + 0.5 * ctld.helipadCount, -- Doesn't work at this stage, but set it anyway

["y"] = _point.z,

["x"] = _point.x,

["name"] = "Helipad #" .. _unitId,

["heliport_modulation"] = 0,

["heliport_callsign_id"] = ctld.helipadCount, -- 1 to 10

}, -- end of [1]

}, -- end of ["units"]

["y"] = _point.z,

["x"] = _point.x,

["name"] = "Helipad #" .. _unitId


local FOB_Object = coalition.addGroup(_country, -1, _Helipad_Data)




Anyway, this all works fine in single player, and for the server-player in a non-dedicated context. But when we are testing in MP, clients cannot see or interact with the pad.




I've included two screenshots below of what the client sees when the server-player is landed on the pad. I've also included the two track files for each player. At first I thought it was due to players connecting after the item had been dynamically spawned, but it looks more like they can't/don't get dynamic spawn events for the FARP static items at all.


I'll probably go back confirm if this applies to all static spawns, or just the FARPs, but in the meantime, can we get this issue checked? It would be nice to have working for some road base/FOB building scenarios.





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