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Im looking for a f-18 squadron


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First thing first, I am from Hong Kong so my English is not so good.

And I looking for a squadron just because I don't want to play alone and flying with stupid AI which even can't manage their fuel.

So I am not looking a hardcore squadron that I cant reach.

I can fly f-18 basically, and my able playing time is Mon to Fri 12:00-18:00 (GMT), Sat to Sun 00:00-18:00 (GMT), I mainly use discord.

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I'm stationed in Japan.


You're always welcome to pile on with us. We don't use discord but Teamspeak and SRS. launch time is around 10:00 JST on Wed, Fri and Sun

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good group of people, not too hardcore, not too uptight, and definitely not unskilled. Think we just opened up a EU sqn just recently too.

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