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[REPORTED]APC Cobra armor anomaly

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I have noticed that the Cobra, which the enyclopedia specifies as being protected against <=7.62 caliber, is somewhat invulnerable to the Mi-8's UPK 23mm HE.


I also conducted a test with the Marder 20mm cannon (HE) against the Cobra. Hitting the same spots/sides of the Cobra, and depending on the angle of impact, the projectiles do no damage at all. AP rounds do not share this behaviour. I have attached a track demonstrating the issue.




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The damage system isn't always all that realistic or good, for many vehicles... a point system that made things simple and easier for older slower processors IMO. But, this system is listed as one to be getting a major overhaul sometime over the next year or two, to something more relevant.

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Again, what I've been told is that they have specific (HE rounds) penetration values, which for some rounds to extremely low, so that is why they cannot do damage, if no penetration... no damage.






I've reported similar issues before as well, but all I got is *It has this amount of penetration and vehicles has more armor than that*


Which is an empty answer, because something definitely needs fixing



Everybody gotta be offended and take it personally now-a-days

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I will have the team take a look at angled armour on these units.




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