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Missing functionality in the Harrier

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EWM page:


''the EW Menu page that provides the capability to control map,

waypoint, RWR and Radar footprint (radar aircraft only) symbology displayed on the EW page'' NATOPS page 23-48


Edit, thanks NineLine for catching me there.

To find an example image: pg 23-49 NATOPS Figure 23-19

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The PB does not toggle the LAR as it should


''Selecting this option enables the display of the Launch Acceptable Region (LAR) for the Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) on the EHSD.''


23.9.37 pg 23-47 NATOPS


Having the EHSD come up on the correct MFD would be a start from the Hotas function.



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I have added some more of the things you've mentioned to the first post now.


I copied this from the other thread. Looks like most of this is probably mentioned but in case it isn't I reposted it.

*Nice List*


I'd say all of these are covered in the summary on the first page summary. Please correct me if you think otherwise


INS drift math model is available for free, scientists already did the hard job, it's not a black magic. There's no a single reason to not be modeled in game.


I have seen data for both INS drift with and without GPS/IFA. Available in that harrier TGP error doc.


Interesting that the INS drift info is that public, guess I have missed it. Nothing stopping on that end then.

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There is currently no way to trip the JPTL by pushing the throttle through it. I believe this is done IRL by pushing through a detent that will prevent movement of the throttle too fast.


Perhaps something where movement of the users throttle above a certain speed will trip the JPTL?


IRL it is a 35-lb. trip sensor.


When I brought this to Razbam's attention back in December 2017, they told me they intended to include this as a button press or modifier (they mentioned something like their Mirage solution for a similar "hard stop" there).


I do not know how much of the DECU, MFS, or JPTL systems are modeled or simulated in high fidelity, beyond what they should look like in certain regimes.

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Missing IFF. The UFC button does nothing and the MFCD button does nothing. Unconfigurable. IFF IDENT is pressable and bound in the DCS Viper.


Purpose of having IFF configurable is to allow interfacing with systems outside DCS like SRS, LotATC, so that squadrons wishing to use proper IFF (not DCS magic mode 4, can.



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Marsvinet is right, two post below.

I'm sorry.





Please note that:

There's something wrong with Customized Cockpit feature.

Harrier doesn't see any cockpit mod folder in Saved Games or Program Files folder.

Mustangs (two variations and TF-51D) have the same bug, by the way.


This may be a low priority bug, but I just wanted to report.




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Deleted all the bugs from this post, sorry. Missing features are:


- EHSD overlays are not complete: OVL2 (planned route display) and NSEQ route display are operational (although sometimes I get a crash when fiddling with NSEQ), but OVL1 (the one that supposed to display SAM ranges and other SA information) only displays AAR zones that has been set in mission editor.

- Snakeeyes and Mk.92 Air are always deploying their braking devices, even if you select low drag release mode (I think it worked as intended some time ago, so, probably, bug).

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Guys, some of you are posting what are clear bugs. This thread is meant to highlight what is simply missing from the Harrier. I know the line is kinda blurred in the case of the Harrier, so if you think otherwise, please say so. Otherwise, please post the bugs in the "Bugs and problems" section where Tea_cypher is doing a great job going through all that is posted.

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FM peculiarities:


Transonic Wing Drop




Force Divergence Mach Number/Drag Rise



Kinematic Coupling



AOA Lag During high AOA and/or g onset rates




Loaded Rolls Loaded rolls create stability problems



Angle of Attack Sensitivity As airspeed decreases, AOA increases.



Stick Lightening



Air Refueling Probe Effect



If that’s a valid source then we also seem to be missing the maneuvering tone (probably like the A10 stall warning beep)



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If that’s a valid source then we also seem to be missing the maneuvering tone (probably like the A10 stall warning beep)



Modules: A10C, F5, F14, F16, F18, F86, AV8B, UH1, Mi8, Ka50, FC3, Supercarrier, CA, P47, P51


It's the NATOPS, I guess it's a valid source :smilewink:

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thread reopened


I will have to ask you all to remember our 1.16 rule


1.16 Posting of images, file links, file sharing links, and copying and pasting information is prohibited if the source document is from a classified or ITAR controlled source.

When posting aircraft, sensor or weapon information more recent than 1980, you must also include the source of the document showing that it is 100% public and verified as not from a classified or non-ITAR controlled source. To not do so will result in the removal of the message.


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In its current state there is no effect or damage modeling whatsoever for the landing gear due to lowering in speed regimes in far excess of any of the current gear limitations for the aircraft. Obviously an extreme but we are currently able to extend/retract the landing gear in excess of 500kts.


There is no damage to the system modeled , nor any type of system slow down or hydraulic strain due to any form of parasitic drag.


This seems to be a current standard of every other module found in DCS I am familiar with, and we do not have in the AV-8B and am still surprised its not currently implemented.



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This should help also with previous issues with the HUD Repeater, Symbology size that is modeled incorrectly as well as missing settings some of our pages., VSI and AS Trend vectors on HUD Also Sounds







Rocket and PUC -

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