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TOT, CS/T and other functions are not displayed on the HUD when pressing the UFC (ON/OFF) button. We are only able to display currently the Stopwatch UFC Timer Function.


1-324 TACMAN.


Also Side note please reference Command speed and time menu ODU functions, as they are not being correctly computed either. Sequential routing through intermediate waypoints and their offsets to a terminal waypoint or offset are not being calculated for not target points.


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Ok sorry to keep being a pain, but this is part of the harrier I really do not know, can you do a track of the steps you should do to get this point and it not working, also if possible a video as that is probably the best way I can understand how to get there, and a final useful if you can find it would irl pictures or video of the function in display.


Sorry to be a pain but I am finding the best way of gettibg a resuly with this sort of thing is to have as much info as possible.

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No worries


I cannot provide a track file as pressing the UFC buttons and ODU selection does not work as intended so in all reality it will not help. I could make a video but still will not help much as the same with a .trk. There are no IRL videos of this in action In the real aircraft, as I’m sure there isn’t for most aircraft in DCS.


In order to help and check bug reports I feel you should have some knowledge of the aircraft and the systems as they would work. The TACMAN is readily available online and can be referenced as the TTT section has its own chapter




TAC-000 - reference TMR functions on UFC


I can work up an entire step by step on how it works, however if you do not have it in front of you or at a minimum are not sure what your looking for, I feel you should start there as a base framework.

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Its more the step by step on how to program the TTT stuff, that would lead to this feature appearing, I don't know as this as it was only recently known to be (sort off) functional.


Must admit my learning method is generally visual and interactive, rather then reading a manual.

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System is not yet implemented as well we are having bugs occur within Zulu time itself. Moving to RESOLVED under FUTURE IMPLEMENTATION

Know and use all the capabilities in your airplane. If you don't, sooner or later, some guy who does use them all will kick your ass.


— Dave 'Preacher' Pace, USN.

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I really hope by moving this to resolved and future implication its not swept under the the rug and forgotten about.


very powerful feature I hope gets looked at, and is important as displaying critical data / Time sensitive information on the HUD




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