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i've come across a bug with the TAD.

If you set the BULL/CURS mode, it should show the bullseye readout of whatever place you have the cursor on (not necessarily a steer/mark/mission point but also just the map itself). It doesn't.

The one workaround i found is to set the BULL/CURS mode, then "lock" yourself with TMS UP on the TAD and only then you'll be able to get the BE readout.

I'm not sure if this is intended or a bug as i couldn't find any details on how the TAD should work on manuals i have access to.






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The ED manual says ( page 308 ):

"Hook Mode (TAG: OWN, BULL, or CURS), rotary OSB 18. This OSB function is only displayed when you have hooked a TAD symbol with the cursor. TAD symbols can include the SPI, TGP diamond, waypoint/steerpoint, or bullseye. When a symbol is hooked, the SPI symbol is placed over it and a dashed, yellow line leads from the SPI symbol to the rotary selection."


Someone could help and clarify if is it to intend as a bug or is the normal behaviour ?


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If you are just trying to get a bearing and range of your location to bullseye, you can press the anchor button, which would be above the TISL in the variant of A10C that you are referencing (I fly the 'II' exclusively now), and it will display the bearing and range on the right side of the HUD.


Another member above has highlighted an excerpt from the manual that does properly explain using the TAD for what you are requesting as well.






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As far as I can see this is working as intended, you need to hook the symbol with the cursor.


If you think there is a bug please include a short track replay.


thank you


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