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TWS-M command for jester?

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Is there any chance we can get separate commands for jester to go into TWS-M and TWS-A in the radar mode tab of the BVR radar menu in the jester wheel?


Currently it is extremely hard to use the radar at range when TWS-A keeps flashing back and forth like crazy, looking at everything as it constantly re-prioritizes close un-iifed targets which you can clearly see are friendly through data-link. Its incredibly annoying to deal with and makes me lean toward flying other planes when i dont have a friend who is able to fly RIO with me.


This would be a highly welcome quality of life improvement at least in my opinion.

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Just STT everything, then you can fly free of worry like in the Viper - that TWS doesn't work properly either ;)


Firing at 6 different targets simulateously is cheating hax anyway isn't it? - DCS all about equality...STT for everyone!

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Thanks for the suggestion, it is on our list.


At the moment, you can work around it by commanding him to RWS and then immediately to TWS again.

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