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Persian Freedom - Voice Actors & Campaign Testers

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Hi all,


I'm looking for some additional support for the Persian Freedom A-10 campaign I have in development as it grows ever larger and more complex.


If anyone is willing to volunteer their services as a voice actor (looking for US/British voices) then please drop me a PM. These roles will largely be for ground forces who will (unsurprisingly) be in troops in contact situations and need support, so ideally looking for folks who are comfortable screaming into their microphones!


Likewise if anyone would be interested in helping test the completed missions and providing feedback/final testing on the finished product then it would be great to hear from you.


If you're not familiar with the campaign you can find out more here.




I'm also really keen to start building a network with those of you in the community that enjoy getting involved in these sorts of projects, although Persian Freedom is still a number of months away from completion I have begun research on the next campaign, I've been blown away by the feedback received so far so decided I might just try and make a real go of campaign building long term. So if you'd like to help out and also perhaps get involved in future projects as well please let me know.





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