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Enhanced Gamemaster Script: Zeus, but for DCS

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8 hours ago, Hextopia said:

I'll admit I'm not a great coder, but I'm trying to work on extending your spawn function and waypoint order functions to account for tankers using the moose controllable wrapper that allows setting enroute task options on units.  (Which would allow tankers to be set to the enroute tanker task)


If I can get it working, I'll send you the code for inclusion if you'd like.

Please do 🙂


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12 hours ago, Hydro87_ said:

For some reason even when i enable all the templates in the config some stuff wont spawn?

Hmm...I'm not a fan of guessing games, so please be more specific about your problem.
What are you trying to spawn? What command and parameters do you enter into the map marker? The log file would help and please post your edited Gamemaster_Templates.lua as well.

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Another extension idea I had that may work out well for the tanker issue would be a command set that invokes custom functions.







func would be the command, tankerSpawn is the function, and argument is the arg passed to the function.


The functions would have to be loaded from a separate script of course.



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