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Scripting Engine Bug with mark related events in multiplayer

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Hi folks,


I found a bug in the scripting engine that isn't listed in Grimes List yet.


It relates to the handling of the events


S_EVENT_MARK ADDED (event.id 25)

S_EVENT_MARK CHANGE (event.id 26)

S_EVENT_MARK REMOVE (event.id 27)


in the multiplayer environment.



Here's the event page on Hoggit: https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/Category:Events




I've noticed that the field event.initiator always get populated with the unit that the server host is currently sitting in, no matter which player actually created, changed or removed a mark.


I have attached the test mission I have used to test this bug after I first stumbled upon it. In it I run a simple script that returns some fields of the event table as .outText.


This bug is pretty annoying to me because i have written a script that provides Zeus-like functionality to DCS and uses map markers as its input method. Without a way to know who created a marker I have no way to effectively limit the access to the Zeus functions, or return status messages only to the player that sent a command. :(


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