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42VFG (2015) open again

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The Red Kites

We have been flying since 2015 and are open for new entrants.





Who we are, what we do and when we do it:


- European time zone, Saturday evenings (English language) and throughout the week

- Fly bespoke missions and train together

- Dedicated servers with scripting training tools, SRS and LotATC

- Vast document library collected (and written) over many years

- Multi module enabled members - concentrating on modern non FC3 Jets, 80% of the group use VR and all have heavily invested in peripherals.


What we would like:

- New players that have already invested into DCS and thrive in smaller groups and want some organised training.

- More experienced players looking for next level up in authenticity and realism. Maybe you realised you skipped basic aviation skills or maybe you want to dive into procedures you found online and are curious but had no one to try them with.

- Old hands just looking for folks to fly with, maybe some more authentic missions, maybe you want to do some aggressor roles, try something out but are useless with the mission editor.



It's a fair deal in my eyes! Turn up wanting to fly again and again and in return, we'll share everything we have learned, manage events, servers and technical stuff!



Why 42VFG?

Rather than focusing on our talent sheet, how many of us are pilots, whose uncle's German Shepherd served in Afghanistan, how many viewers watch your streams or knowing a technician that once sat in the seat of a Tomcat, we boast patience, endless knowledge, a burning curiousity for the genre, a vast catalogue of media and burned fingers from experience. It helps we've been doing this for a long time, naturally!


Your actual current skill level does not matter at all, but for newer players that need some training, we need enthusiasm and energy back from you, in order to dig it all out and do it again (because its hard work!). Happy to attack any syllabus folks need, we want to strive to keep:

- Our BFM up to date with a 1v1 and Tacview debrief every week

- Cycle through airframes that we are stale in

- Keep gunnery/range, AAR, boat op skills current

- Get some immersive scenarios done with an entire planning cycle and debrief

- Keep current on recent features added to modules and explore anything new.


Contact me directly via PM if you want to talk about flying with us in any way. Note, if you are one of the many "Aggressor squadrons" that bombard squadrons with their "services", forget it. We want a marriage, not a one night stand.

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42VFG is now expanding to the WW2 arena. We are regularly having fun with the Spitfire on the Channel map, with the assets pack. WW2 is making leaps and bounds recently, if you haven't checked it out in a while, now is the time! Our WW2 stuff is less process oriented and less hardcore. However, when revisiting WW2 we steal something from modern processes, like AREO calls and good solid brevity which translates back and forth very well. But it doesnt mean we don't sometimes lean out of the cockpit in VR, into the slipstream and try to shout over the wind... ok?! :) (We fly throughout the week, casually but aim to do an organised session on Saturday nights)



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