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Styrautomat SA06 mode disengagement


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According to the SFI (POH), SA06 HÖJD mode is disengaged by selecting ATT and ATT is disengaged by selecting SPAK. Selecting SPAK also disengages both ATT and HÖJD, if active. SPAK is disengaged by the SNURK on the stick, or by pulling the circuit breaker. This also disengages ATT and HÖJD, since SPAK must be active for those two modes.


In DCS Viggen, you can disengage HÖJD by selecting HÖJD and selecting ATT disengages both ATT and HÖJD.


Has this been confirmed as a bug?


SNURK seems to work as described, though.

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SPAK, ATT and HÖJD modes are all cancelled by selecting the lower mode, according to the Pilots Operating Manual. But doing that in DCS also cancels the lower mode that you are selecting, and that can’t be right.




SPAK, ATT, HÖJD modes are engaged.

I want to cancel HÖJD mode and selects ATT.

This should just cancel HÖJD, but in DCS it also cancels ATT.

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