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Persian Gulf 1985-4

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Thanks all for participating. I enjoyed it a lot once again. I've had some really busy days so I couldn't sort everything I wanted in advanced, especially planning for Blue. A lot of sign ups was withdrawn and switched in the last 24hrs and it apparently caused some issues for Red.


This is an issue that's been present throughout my years of doing DCS events (10+ years). There's simply nothing to be done about drop offs unless you start forcing people to fly other things or stopping them to fly all together. In the end, there's nothing at stakes for this event other than fun of flying. If we see a 5th installment, I hope we have a better turn up.


S! :)


Thanks for @rossmum for streaming:


Tacview is available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s20lt_HxsxV2UrVRZmdZoX5T21mAg_zc/view?usp=sharing



64th Aggressor Squadron
Discord: 64th Aggressor Squadron
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Hi X-man et all, thanks very much for the event!


We had a blast in the F-5E Tigers!


Good fights vs the 21s and we even managed to score a 29 kill :)


@Wizard_VVS: Grumpy says thanks for that vector on the 29 - great GCI'ing! and the English is perfect sir!


Thank you Rossmum for streaming the event and the commentary ;)


Salute all and looking forward to the next event.






Israel's Combat Flight Sim Community Website

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