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Time UTC? Local? Briefing correct?

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Really enjoying the campaign, so far on M3.


One thing I've noticed for all missions so far.....the timestamps given in the briefings don't match up to the real time, either local or UTC, once in game?


E.g. M3 has a 0800 start time in the briefing, but once in game it's 0600 UTC / 1000L? Am I missing something? It just seems odd.


Otherwise excellent.

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I'm pretty sure they're talking about Raven One, as I noticed something in the early missions also. I think I just assumed the carrier was on its own time or something, but it did seem odd.

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Noticed this as well and assumed the briefings were given in Local time vs. Zulu. Obviously, all the aircraft systems work in Z time.


Ideally, all business should be conducted in Zulu. Iran's 'local' time is pretty screwy. Their standard time is UTC+3+30, which means they don't even sync up on the hour with Zulu (GMT/ UTC) time. They also have that curse of the debil known as daylight savings time, so for the summer months their local time is UTC + 4+30.


I have no idea what time U.S. naval ships use for 'local time' in the region. My guess would be whatever Bahrain and 5th Fleet HQ is using, but I never deployed there so I can't say.

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I used local, because that is what the ME uses. I remember the nightmare of changing all the times for Red Flag campaign into Zulu :) also, the times between briefing start - step in on kneeboard - mission start will differ; it is assumed that the step is around 30 minutes before you start the mission (doing outside check of the aircraft etc).

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