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Hi, and congratulations on the campaign! It is the best experience I have had in DCS!


On mission 9, where you provide close air support for the Venom spec ops group, it is very hard to score hits on the sniper with 20mm cannon. I think this may be related to the Hornet gun dispersion and the fragmentation damage modeling in DCS, as I think that I saw my rounds hitting all around the sniper.


Now my suggestion is, that maybe you could make small trigger zone around the sniper and make him run away or get pinned down (or even kill him) if you hit that zone with 20mm.


Other observations: when Venom requested 20mm on that sniper, I ordered Dutch to cover while I attacked via F10 menu, but he did not circle overhead as I expected, but instead followed me in loose formation, getting close to the ground and getting shot at by the triple-A around the airfield as I made my gun runs. Is this how it is supposed to be, or is there a bug?


Now when I decided to prosecute the target myself, the F10 option to command Dutch to engage also went away. Would it be possible to retain the option to switch roles if you empty your gun and do not score hits on target?


Thanks again for the great campaign! I'm really having fun playing it!

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I also found this mission especially challenging. I had a tough time following all of the walk-on directions, especially finding the first APC. Venom gave me "grid" GPS coordinates which I assume was just a general area, but it wasn't clear where to search within that area for the APC.


And then hitting the sniper was just impossible. I used "hi" fire rate and took 5 passes, never could get him. I wish there was an F10 option to hand it off to Dutch if you run out of time/fuel/ammo/willpower :)

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Hey guys, so for this mission:

- I've fixed the triggers and problems with Raven 11 flight taking off too early and then problems with things happening too quick (it was linked to two overlapping space bar calls)

- I've added safeguards making it much more difficult for Tor to shoot down all the Mavericks

- I've changed the config, removing one tank for the player and adding one GBU-12 (double ugly config)

- I've added safeguards, so whenever enemy sniper or his buddy are wounded / damaged, it would count as a kill.

- I've maintained attack option for Dutch even if player chooses he will attack.

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