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Syria Map coordinates


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Hi, is it possible to get some information about the map?

Ex: inside the Caucasus Theater there is "Caucasus.MapCoords.lua" file with useful data :


a = 6378245

b = 6356863

k0 = 1

long0 = 33

feasting = 499600

fnorthing = -1800

dcs_origin_x = 599517

dcs_origin_y = 4998115

LatitudeCenter = 43.6966666666667

LongitudeCenter = 32.96

WinterTimeDelta = 3

SummerTimeDelta = 4

utmzone = 36


Can we have same data about Syria?

Thanks a lot for your collaboration

Kind regards



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I'm wondering about the Caucasus values, compared to the map they are wrong.


Measured Syria map in the editor and it seems that the map is inclined.

Here the coordinates I get:



Map Center: N35 1.315 E35 54.33

uppper left: x 299 698 z -579496 N37 21.654 E29 16.483

upper right: x 300 000 z580 000 N37 43.72 E42 22.301

lower left: x -319 813 z -580 000 N31 50.940 E29 53.849

lower right: x -319 375 z 579 159 N32 8.514 E 42 8.502

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Well, I am able to get the coordinates from the map but the informations I need are in a different format than the ones shown in DCS:

Refer to the data exposed in my first post.

Coordinates are not in degres.decimals and referece of easting and northing ....where to get them?

I think I need some words for the developpers if possible.

Awyway, thanks for your interest

Kind regards

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Having spent quite a bit of time looking at the coords and bearings There are some oddities in the Map data, a number of the runways numbers dont synch with their bearings, and I think there is a fairly substantial Magnetic variation. The Geographic Grid is also missing apart from the 2 degrees per square overlay which is why I havent applied a grid to any of my work and the MagVar is just listed as the current value for Incirik. The same can be said for Runway lengths where the values listed do no line up with the measured values in the mission editor, and in some cases elevation and GPS reference, which in a number of cases seems to be given as the Keys of the left hand field rather than a geographic centre of the field, again I have deviated from the listed values for most of the fields for that reason.

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Coordinates are not in degres.decimals and referece of easting and northing ....where to get them?


Easting and northing should the x and z values in my first post. They are referenced to the center of the map

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I managed to get the following map limits by trial and error:


-North line = 300000

-South line= -320000


-East line = 600000

-West line= -580000


with geocoordinates roughly as follows:


NW corner N37 21 47.3, E029 16 07.7

NE corner N37 43 04.4, E042 22 18.0

SE corner N32 08 08.9, E042 09 01.5

SW corner N31 50 50.4, E029 53 51.5


I believe we can adopt some of the Caucasus parameters stated above by AMVI_Hawk? and a bit of help concerning the conversion would be highly appreciated, will try to fiddle with some interpolations see what happens

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