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My Syria map additions

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Thanks to the authors for this work.!


My Syria map additions:


HOMER beacons freq. fixed


RSBN added (to L-39):

ALEPPO 5 channel

PALMYRA 10 channel

DAMSCUS 15 channel

LATAKIA 20 channel


PRMG added (to L-39):

LATAKIA 17R, 22 channel


TACAN added:

ALEPPO 47 channel

LATAKIA 99 channel


ICLS added (to F-14, F-18 not tested):

LATAKIA 17R, 9 channel


To install:

Backup your beacons.lua file (for example c:\Program Files\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\terrains\Syria\Beacons.lua)

Download and overwrite my beacons.lua file



New update of DCS overwrite this file

Possible problems on network game


The author is not responsible for any violations of the DCS program!


At the request of the copyright holders I can delete my message


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