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F-16XL Paint Scheme

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This skin is based on the NASA F-16XL paint scheme from around the mid 1990's.


It's not supposed to represent the original paint scheme a 100% accurately. With this skin I'm aiming for a fleet or squadron aircraft in service.







So at this point I still plan to add a second version with tail codes so bort numbers, serial number, etc..

Once I finished that, the skin will be uploaded.


I edited the RoughMet's to give the white and gray colors on the bottom of the airframe their reflective properties. While the black paint goes with a more matte appearance.


Current progress so far:













Edited by Texac
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Anybody got a bucket??

Just out of interest, how come you chose a Texas tailcode (Laughlin)?



Edited by garyscott

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Great job as always Texac!!:)




Updated today to include a few fixes and improvements.


Originally I planned to include new engine textures. Cockpit textures from watermanpc and landing gear textures from PorcoRosso86.


However the size of the file got too big so I had to scrap that for both skins. Maybe later I will upload both versions separately to include these textures.

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