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last patch, centre view hurts the game


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Since last update, i have found that as soon as i hit the centre view key the game stutters when panning.

Happens in all planes, helo's and ground units, map screen when scrolling in and out jitters back and forth. multi and single player, so far only tested cauc map

Tested hardware and thats all ok.

Haven't adjusted graphics settings for dcs since i set them up months ago.

Checked logs but nothing related is in there.

nvidia settings put back to default, and the same with dcs graphics.

Win10 64, GeForce GTX1080 Ti, Rift touch, i5- 2.90GHz(o/c), 16gb Corsair Vengance RAM, X-56

KA-50, A10c, AV-8B, MI-8, Spitfire, Viggen, S/Carrier, F-14, F-15c, CA, Nevada, Normandy, Persian gulf, Marianas, FC3, F-14, F-15c,

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Hi GunnyCook. What do you call "panning"? Moving your head from left to right? If so, what are you using to move the pilot's heead? Keyboard, mouse, china hat, headtracker, or VR gear?


What key have you bound to the View Center command? (mine is default: Num5)



A track or it didn't happen.

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