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How to build a credible strike mission?

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I intend to build a mission for the Syria map, to go with the bunches of other missions I've designed. However, this time I want it to feel a little more authentic than my usual efforts. To this end, I am planning to use the Syrian Defense Network (2012) (via Pikey). That will be there to deter any adventures over Syria. But the BLUE player will fly for Israel and with allies, must oppose a coordinated Syrian strike on Ramat David and possibly a few other locations.


I want to make this mission feel somewhat "real" although I will try to incorporate random triggers and varying tactics on the RED side to add replay value. That said, what would a strike look like? For example, how many aircraft, how many waves, what altitude?


I have to work with the planeset afforded us by DCS. Israel has the F-15C and F-16C and those will suffice. But Syria has the MiG-21, and the MiG-23, a few MiG-29, and the Su 22. I do have the Su-22 mod, but would rather not use it unless DCS has it as a default asset just because I want to minimize the mods players need to fly the mission. I know the 23 is a default asset, and the 21 and 29 are there.


So, using the 21, 23, and 29, I would like to set up a believable strike package with realistic numbers, altitudes, loadouts, and tactics.


Does anyone have any knowledge they might be able to share that will help me design this one?





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