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How to remove a Mirage_F1 from a mission

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Hi everyone,


Some years ago I did an mission that I would like to play again but back then I used the Mirage_F1 free mod.


Today when I try to load that .miz into the mission editor the editor says I need the Mirage_F1 which no longer works with the latest Open Beta I have.


The new name for the mod is MirageF1 but to the game those are different things.


I tried to edit the mission inside the .miz (unziping) file but it doesn't work: I just changed the string Mirage_F1 for MirageF1 but I suppose there is much else to change.


Any help or ideas?


Thank you in advance,


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There is an entry listed as "requiredModules" in the mission file embedded in the .miz. It is basically a list of mods used within the mission. Whenever I need to open some mission that has mods I don't have installed I can just delete all the entries to it so that it is just a blank table {}


That would allow you to open the mission in the editor. If an object is used that is no longer present in the game then it'll just delete that object on load. Alternatively you can try renaming them as you did earlier.

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