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awg-9 and phoenix cooling switch getting bugged

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I usually fly as rio and i noticed sometimes my missiles were not tracking even when they should ( shot at tws, and stuck with tws to not to terminate guidance) on multiplayer. and last time it happened , i realized i have msl cond and awg-9 cond warning lights, i checked the cooling switch and it was on, then i turned off the switch and turned it back on and warning lights were gone. we didnt shot a phoenix afterward to check if it tracks because after a while my game crashed, but i think that might be reason. and during that time, my pilot started up the plane with jester, and he started up with jester too the other time same thing happened but i didnt checked the lights that time. http://www.mediafire.com/file/kc6j4uha09xac5v/BlueFlag+-+Persian+Gulf+v0.973+-+SUPERCARRIER.miz-dynamic-20200820-190017.trk/file track file

EDIT: i done testing and 100% it was getting bugged with jester

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Are you saying that Jester just forgets to turn on the missile prep if you jump into the Rio Seat after he has performed startup?


That may be a feature? He keeps the radar in standby as well untill you take off.


Could you list out the problem/steps in some bullet points?

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