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Does Manual Entry of the Link 16 work properly in multiplayer if so how?

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Title says it but I've noticed that on Multiplayer I can't get the link 16 to work for 'INTRAFLIGHT' setup UNLESS I set up the flight as 2-4 ship flight 'group'. If each client is set up as it's own group then no matter what we seem to enter into the Link 16 data the most we get is the Radar information and the 'Green' MIDS datalink, not the BLUE flight data link information.


So the question is is manual configuring of the Link 16 datalink actually working in multiplayer properly?


Steps we did:


Spawn in Hot birds.


- Make certain Mids was 100% in the 'On' position

List - Enter to bring up Link 16 page.

Dobber Switch to get to P2

On ALL AC: FC: 001, MC: 001, SC: 001

On Lead: ED11, FL YES, XMT: HI

On #2 ED12, FL NO, XMT HI

on #4 ED13, FL NO, XMT HI

Dobber Switch to get to P3

List was

#1 00201 #5 00205

#2 00202 #6 00206

#3 00203 #7 00207

#4 00204 #7 00210

with lead set as OWN #1,

-2 set to #2 and 3 set to #3


On all AC the HSI XMT was set to L16


No blue Flight Numbers at all.



Is there a step missing or is something not working ? I know with the IDM i'd have to do the Long Press on the IFF OUT so CONT was boxed but I didn't think that was required on the L16 version. And both the chuck guide and wag's videos etc don't seem to mention a step that has been missed. I even checked the HSI CNTL to make certain that everything was highlighted as it shoul dbe.

i7 8700k, ASrock Tachi 32gb Fury X DDR4, Warthog HOTAS, HP Reverb VR, trackir, win 10, RTX 3070

TGW Dedicated Server Admin, Australian PVE/PVP gameplay.

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It doesn't seem to change anything currently, but I'm glad the pages are there... Hopefully they are working on it. Ideally we will at some point be able to change the network time and get on a different net with our flight, thus being able to do some red air work from within a blue jet for training.


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