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[Casual] The 414th Joint Fighter Group [414th] is recuiting!

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The 414th Joint Fighter Group is open for applications! Due to current world circumstances, we are now looking for more pilots to join us on our monthly operations and on our weekly sorties! All interested are encouraged to apply within the discord link at the bottom of this post!



We are a casual virtual air wing based around DCS World that provides training for newer or inexperienced pilots as well as a place to call home for those looking to be part of a multiplayer squadron. The 414th is primarily oriented towards PvE combat, with an occasional mix of joint operations and squadron versus squadron (PvP) battles with other wings or squadrons in DCS World.

The air wing currently houses 2 squadrons:

  • 414th "Phantom Eagles"
  • VMFA-173 "Purple Swords"

The 414th "Phantom Eagles" are our host squadron. We mainly fly the F-16C Viper and F/A-18C Hornet, but we'll be transitioning to the F-15E when it's released. However, we welcome all airframes and do not restrict our members from flying their airframe of choice.


VMFA-173 "Purple Swords" is our resident aggressor squadron. Their main focus is flying the F-5E and F/A-18C, although getting shot down by a 173rd Su-33 or C-101 is not uncommon!



There are no time commitments that we enforce. All pilots are welcome here, no matter your timezone or skill.



Contact us on discord. We look forward to seeing you there! https://discord.gg/aafaxHr


Website: https://414th-jfg.tk/



Current Events:

  • Deployed, Persian Gulf Theater (Operation Phantom Spear)
  • In-house TOPGUN Tournament


Any questions, please let us know!




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