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TEW3 M03 communications & flight commands

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I have played through TEW3 once and really enjoy it. As a relatively new DCSer I can probably play through it 3 - 5 times on different difficulty levels as it is very interesting.


In this case, TEW3 M03 I had the following issues which I will be glad to try to help trouble-shoot. Mainly, I would like others to not have to experience them:


1. ATC Request Startup - I was on the correct freq and used Comms menu but ATC would not give me direction. However ATC always caught up with what I was doing after the fact.


2. I successfully hit all of the requirements for WP1 - WP4 and had my TOT and AGL validated for success over WP4. Once I reached WP5 and connected with Hunter to move to WP6, my flight went radio silent. They would not respond to "Echelon Left" commands given numerous times.


3. Once I got to WP7 and began engaging ground targets, my Flight was off the air and would not respond to Engagement commands. They simply flew around doing nothing. They eventually went Bingo and ejected.


4. Once I completed the mission by myself and got AWACS confirmation to RTB, while my flight was all gone, I actually got radio messages triggered from my flight even though they didn't exist.


Still a fun mission, but with no flight support it is unrealistic to eliminate that many ground targets.


I know it is virtually impossible to keep Campaigns operational with the constant DCS changes so this is feedback as an FYI. If I can help debug, tell me what would be helpful.





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