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Trying out the Su-57

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I recently discovered the Su-57 mod, and now I can't stay away from it. :) Here's a video of my second flight - guns-only against two F-15s with AI set to "excellent". Damaged the first guy, shot the second one down while in a flat spin, then trailed the first guy while he limped back to his base. And I wasn't even used to how the Su-57 flies. I can't wait until they refine the graphics, but the flight model is a lot of fun as it is.


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Great landing i am glad you had fun.





SU-57 PAK FA Project


Cubanace Simulations


My 3D/2D Modeling PortFolio




Work Laptop


Intel I-7 8750H 6-Core

GTX 1050 TI VR ready

Windows 10 Home 64-bit

8GB 26666 | 1TB HDD | 120GB SSD

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It's been a long time since I've flown Cubanace's excellent Su-57 mod. I know he's working on a new version, but while waiting for it to come out, I jumped in the Sukhoi and decided to take on the entire US Airforce in a guns-only fight. My opponents: F-5E, F-4E, F-14B, F-15C, F-16C, and F-18C, flown by "veteran" AI. All in good fun - don't take it too seriously... 🙂




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In my previous video, I flew the Su-57 in a guns-only engagement against an assorted collection of US Airforce and Navy aircraft. The question kept nagging me, though: "Can I survive the same engagement but with everyone carrying missiles?". Here's a video that answers that question. Enjoy and be kind (not my best flying, I admit...) 😄




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Hey, how did you get your Su-57 mod to work. Mines not working, if I try to start a mission it sends me straight to the map. I have the F-15C and Su-27 owned so there shouldn't be a problem. Someone said on the Hoggit discord that I needed to patch a certain lua file. If you could, can you send me the Su-57 file that you have currently? If you cant send it through here, add me on discord at targaryen#0668

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