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Realistically placed asset preset with the Syria map

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Just a thought but how viable would it be to have S-300's, various SAM units and static aircraft placed on the various airfields and bases as per their real life satelite imagery and known locations (like could be seen in Wag's video) as a default template instead of the "clean of everything" map?


Would certainly make the mission creation workflow a bit more convinient and authentic.

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Just use Mission editor - easy!!


I very much doubt ED will get drawn into the proverbial political backlash of weapons placement locations as whilst these are available to some extent with commercial satellite data its a political issue especially considering that the main IADS capability is Russian (S400 Hmeymim airbase).


Its a non starter need to think what you are asking, this will only come from the community.



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I am in the slow process of placing the SAM sites and military targets as per some location maps available online. Nice thing with this map is that the dirt mounds are visible for many of the SA-3 and SA-2 sites


But that kind of things should be done by the developer of the map, even if the situation of the military objects are not the ones of real life por political reasons or something. They should provide templates for making missions easily, not just wait that eventually the community will do the work.

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