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C-101EB IFR 2.2 Instrument Flight Training Mission

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Anyone can pass this training mission?

I try a lot, a lot of times and always receive the f%ing message "You don't follow the parameters, You failed this mission..." when i climb to 6000 ft.


I always check:

- Velocity (215kts)

- 5° and 10° climb degress

- Follow the correct dial from the VOR of Kutaisi (R-080)

- Rotate, Gear UP, Flaps and Landing Lights at the correct time

- Trim, trim and more trim


I need to know if this mission has a bug or i'm not doing something right.

I Use OpenBeta with Steam.


THANKS! :thumbup:


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Keep going! It's hard! And the flight instructor really hates you. He's not your friend. Map your HOTAS, remember keyboard shortcuts. "Parameters" = name of the game! When you, finally, get the outbound radial correct, things will get more easy. Also, when when you're out of parameters, important instructions will not be given/displayed. Unfortunately. The time out for messages is totally off here. And that really sucks.


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