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Jester goes RWS after firing, even if commanded to TWS Only

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track attached - this moment happens at about ~15 minutes? First sorte. There are also a slew of other jester oddities like not having TWS Time to Target on fired missiles. etc.


Im also working on clipping one of multiple examples of Jester being stuck in TWS Auto with no locks, Scanning into oblivion and nothing - and refuses to reset to TWS Manual.


Bug 1: Jester switches to RWS immediately after firing a phoenix on a TWS Track

Bug 2: Jester does the above even though you have just commanded him to be only in TWS


Can I reproduce it 100%: Yes/no- It happens frequently and on a regular basis through normal gameplay. I have not found a specific setup that makes this happen.



How to reproduce/ description:

See Track/video clip


Open Beta -


System Specs:

CPU 5930k Clocked at 4.4ghz

GPU: MSI 2080ti

64gb Ram


OS: Win10





Joystick: TM Warthog

Throttle: TM Warthog

Pedals: MFG Crosswind



Headtracker: VIVE VR



Mods:2.5.6 IC pass Shader Mod






- Jester goes RWS the moment a TWS shot is fired. Two STT ACM Mode phoenixes connect afterwards (that seems to be the only way that the Aim54 connects in multiplayer now)



Track attached in other thread (as it has examples of the stuck radar mode too)



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Attached Track
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You forgot to attach the track file. It's impossible to read the TID in the twitch video.

Intel i7-4790K @ 4x4GHz + 16 GB DDR3 + Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 (8 GB VRAM) + M.2 SSD + Windows 10 64Bit


DCS Panavia Tornado (IDS) really needs to be a thing!


Tornado3 small.jpg

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I was on the verge of posting something like this, but then I thought I would experiment to see if I could reliably reproduce it.


Never got around to it before you beat me to the punch, but ... YES!


On a few ocassions now, Jester JUST KEEPS SWITCHING TO RWS.


No idea what was going on. The last time this happened, it was when I launched an Phoenix in STT lock and Jester dropped the lock. Then he went back to RWS and for the love of all that is the 80's, he would not go to TWS and stay there.. I have a button bound to "TWS mode", and me an Jester would go back and forth. Every time I switch to TWS, he goes back to RWS. I tried VLS/PAL and then back to TWS, but nope -- he goes to RWS. Then Itried switching the radar on/off. Same. After a (long) while, I managed to get Jester to to keep in RWS.This time, I didn't get shot down arguing with Jester. The last time, I did.


There certainly seems to be a swarm of gremlins infesting the radar system since the last patch

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Agreed, this has happened multiple times to me as well, instant mode reversion to RWS causing lost of track on both the target and missile guidance. The worst part is, you try to get jester to switch back to TWS mode to re engage the bandit, but its stuck in RWS.


However i notice it happens more towards targets that have not been IFF, but we know its a bandit.


Hopefully, Heatblur will come out with a fix asap.

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Please try to reproduce this and submit a full bug report the way they want us to if possible. The more evidence of this, maybe they will take a look.


Heatblur has said they have not changed anything with regard to the radar. Jester's behavior is very different, but that is probably a symptom of whatever the core issue is. Seeing as how the Aim7s are having issues maneuvering. The Phoenix TWS shots seem to also not be maneuvering/hitting... I suspect ED changed something and didnt document it, or there are multiple issues.


But please post track files to this thread, or the other threads so we get them concrete evidence. Right now the F-14 is pretty broken.

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Just reported this in the other thread, about constant mashing keys




but it obviously fits here as well. And maybe fits better. Basically --- dropped lock immediately on firing, and then Jester switches to RWS and refuses to switch to TWS. If you ask him enough times, he begins mashing the keys in anger (which is why I posted it to the other thread, as that was the symptom).


Unfortunately,it's back.


Happened last night three time. Twice it eventually stopped. The other time it did not, I had to respawn.


On Multiplayer.


What happened the first time is that:


(0) I am in TWS mode

(1) I locked up a target in STT (Jester: STT enemy ahead)

(2) Launched on target in STT

(3) Contact IMMEDIATELY dropped and Jester switches to RWS (this, to me, happens consistently enough that I think it is a bug, and there are other reports of this on the bug forum)

(4) Try to switch to TWS -- jester I think complies and then immediately switches back

(5) Repeat

(6) Repeat

(7) etc.

(8) eventually it is just Jester mashing by himeslef


I might have tried going into PAL/VLS to break the cycle sometime between (5) and (8).


As I said, it happened two other times. The other times I was not in STT, but launched in TWS and IMMEDIATELY Jester drops the lock and goes to RWS and refuses to return to TWS.


I'll try and post a track if I can find where it is saved automatically, though with tracks broken and all, not sure how it will help.

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I've had this bug yesterday for the first time, so still not sure how to reproduce it. For what its worth, it only occured during the second sorite, i.e. after landing and rearming at the carrier. First sortie was OK.

i5-8600k @4.9Ghz, 2080ti , 32GB@2666Mhz, 512GB SSD

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Has this problem already been acknowledged? I still frequently get this.



Yes, it has been acknowledged some time ago. And this is annoying, indeed. Just as annoying as being stuck in radar modes or having a bandit right in front of you, 20nm out, co-alt and closing and what does Jester do? He locks up friendlies instead and calls out friendly traffic. Well, there are a lot of problems with Jester right now. But understanding how difficult and complex it must be for Heatblur to program Jester´s reactions to all kinds of situations I really think patience (even with Jester...:lol:) is a good thing here. In the end I think Heatblur will manage to get all of that stuff right.

Anyway, in NAVY language they would say Jester currently shows severe signs of difficulty. He would surely face some kind of board...:D

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