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[REPORTED]Su-33 Bugs after last update on STABLE

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Hello there, my game has just updated on DCS version. Spotted some bugs on Su-33 after update:


When I spawned on carrier, engines didn't start if the electricity (RSHIFT+L) is on. If the electricity is turned off, the engines will start. Also, autopilot doesn't work at all (Autotrust, Baro Hold, Radio hold and etc.) However, if I would spawn in Novorossiysk, for example, everything would be good.


One more thing, HUD brightness became lower, I am pressing RCTRL+RSHIFT+H to increase brightness but it is not enough. Can we fix brightness too?


Tried to repair DCS with Updater utility, but it didn't help.


At the end, thank you for update. Many good things like faster DCS's startup, brighter lights and reflections in FC3 aircraft's cockipts and etc.

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all confirmed for old Kuznetsov ramp start





clearly readable HUD poll:



I would like to add this: things could be red in mirrors


Because this is closed: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=281013

GTX 1070 8GB, 16GB DDR3, W8.1 on SSD, DCS on another SSD

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