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TM MFD monitors from Cube Sim


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Samurai 1-1 has a great review of these. Just placed an order!






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i9-9900K @ 5.1 - delided, Gigabyte Aorus Elite MB, Corsair H150i Pro water cooler

64gig G-Skill DDR4@3600, MSI 2080Ti

Winwing Super Taurus, Super Libra, TO / Combat panels and Collective

MFG Crosswind pedals, Tek Creations F/A-18 UFC and F-16 ICP


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I added CubeSim to my FB this morning... those things may be next on my list for the cockpit. I just need to wait for my TV stand to get here from MonsterTech before making that decision.



Systems: Falcon NW Talon: Ryzen 9 5950X @4.9GHz, 64GB DDR4, RTX 3090 FE; Falcon NW Mach V: Core i7 3930K @3.2GHz, 32GB DDR3, GTX 1080 FE

Cockpit: MonsterTech MTX F, 42" 4K TV, HP Reverb G2, Oculus Rift S, PointCTRL

Controls: RS F16SGRH CE, RS F18CGRH, VPC T-50CM2, VFX, WarBRD (Grips); VPC T-50CM2, RS FSSB R3L (Bases); Winwing F/A-18C, VPC T-50CM3, VPC T-50CM, TM Warthog, Cougar (Throttles); VPC ACE2 (Rudders)


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Is there any more current information about this product?



Win 10 64 bit, 2T Hard Drive, 1T SSD, 500GB SSD, ASUS Prime Z390 MB, Intel i9 9900 Coffee Lake 3.6mhz CPU, ASUS 2070 Super GPU, 32gb DDR4 Ram, Track IR5, 49" 4K 60hz, TM Warthog HOTAS, CH Pedals, Voice Attack, hp Reverb G2.

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I don't do FB.  What do they cost?




Win 10 Pro, Intel i7 8700k @4.6 GHz, EVGA RTX 3080  FTW, Ultra 64 GB G.Skill DDR4 3600 RAM, Acer 27" flat screen, Oculus Rift S, HP Reverb G2, CH Fighterstick, Pro Throttle and Pro Rudder Pedals HOTAS, TM Warthog HOTAS, MFG Rudder Pedals, TrackIR 5 Pro w/Vector Expansion, PointCTRL.

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You can get the cost with shipping from him via email too.

For me shipping to Australia it was as follows

3screens 3X120=360USD;
3backboards with cardan 3X30=90USD;
Shipping and Handing 90.8USD
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Before you get involved with Cubesim you had better read this first>>>>>Read this first!!!

Asus ROG Crosshair Hero VIII , Ryzen 3900X, Nzxt Kraken Z73, Vengence RBG Pro DDR4 3600mhz 32meg, 2x Corsair MP 600 pcie4 M.2 2 TB , 2x Samsung Qvo SSD 2x TB, Gigabyte Geforce RTX 2070, EVGA PSU 800watt, Steelseries Apex Pro. TM WartHog,TM TPR, Track IR, TM 2 x MFD, Asus VG289Q, Virpil Control Panel#2

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unnamed.jpgThese are the Wonwar F-16 screens - the photos do not do them justice! After the complete fuck around from Cubesim, this buying experience is 1000% better. 

Link below:


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